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  Fashion Industry Solutions

Recognizing the increasing automation of the Fashion Industry, Chhabra & Co. offers specific solutions which address practical concerns of the buyers and vendors. Large databases, and constant specification revisions often lead to oversights which have costly repercussions. The Fashion Industry also suffers from the traits inherent in any overseas outsourcing model, as the buyers need constant assurance on quality and delivery issues.

The solutions offered by Chhabra & Co. fall under two broad classifications:

The buyer centric web based model CONTROL which focuses on the need of the buyer to be constantly updated on the sampling and production status of the goods on order; and at the same time providing a common platform for input to both the buyers and the vendors.
The Vendor Specific web based ERP model ORGANIZE , which facilitates the systematization of the vendors factories and warehouses. Thus the vendors can not only track their material from the raw to the finished stage, but also ensure that all deliveries and processes stick to a pre defined schedule generated and monitored by the ERP software.
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