How We Work


The working process at Chhabra & Co. guarantees reliability and predictability of cooperation. Our method is based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP), which de-facto is standard to our software development and integration processes. We focus on the content of the process, rather than the form. It guarantees the quality of our work. We are ready to change sets of documentation and details of the process according to your wish.

Consultants and analysts at Chhabra & Co. cooperate with your specialists to work out technical assignment on the basis of thorough research of the problems and goals of your company. If necessary, they can work out business plan recommendations. We do not show preference for a certain technology; we always recommend optimal solution to the task set. Recommendations are formalized with the help of UML and IDEF.

Architects at Chhabra & Co. thoroughly develop the architecture of the future system according to the technical assignment no matter if it is a mere supplement for a PC or a distributed corporate system. A number of prototypes of the system's critical functions can be worked out to test weak elements and minimize risks. Architectural design is realized in accordance with the RUP with the help of UML.

Creators at Chhabra & Co. realize a step-by-step development of your system according to the tested architecture. The process of development is documented beginning from the planning of the future system and functional certification up to the instruction for mounting each programming language, and users' manuals. Our work-team includes experienced programmers who use Java, C++, PHP, ASP, HTML, XML and other technologies.

The majority of our solutions consider web-browser as a client. The development of users' interface is done in cooperation with your company representatives to meet all of your demands.

The process of development at Chhabra & Co. is realized according to the agreed stages. Quality control is conducted at the end of each stage to test exit artifacts: specifications, models, programming codes. Specialists at the testing department conduct thorough testing of the system to see if it corresponds to the functional specification, scalability, and fault tolerance.

Technical support for integrated projects can be realized 24/7/365. You can contact our specialists on the Web, on the phone or meet them personally in our office. The services we provide include software renovation, component modification according to your demands, new functionality development, correction of shortcomings, etc. We can also provide you with hosting according to your solution and spare your company the necessity to hire additional technical specialists

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