Chhabra & Co. offers “CONTROL”, a packaged software to address the need of clients to have a constant update on their outsourced products and processes. It provides a common web based platform, with a high level of security, easily accessible to both customers and vendors.

For customers, this is an unparalleled tool, which enables them to exercise a high degree of control on their sampling and production outsourcing,. Vendors are required to regularly upload order status and quality reports, which can be accessed online at all times by the customers, enabling them to plan well in advance in case of any delays in delivery

In addition, the software incorporates useful and cost effective features like web publishing of standard quality and policy documents and formats, which can be downloaded and printed at the vendors site. Also, design and order specifications can be uploaded, allowing access to specific vendors; and records of revisions and correspondence are chronologically maintained for easy reference.

The software is designed keeping the concerns of the customers who have limited or no control over their the quality and delivery of their overseas outsourcing. In addition, through its web publishing, it allows to customers to do away with costly and cumbersome processes of providing each and every vendor with detailed quality and policy manuals.

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