Web Development

Chhabra & Co. develops high-end custom web development solutions ranging from application design to Ecommerce development. Our Intranet/Extranet services allow companies to have a secure corporate application that stores, manages and shares company information. This Web-enabled, solution allows employees to access information from any location using a verified username and password. The company can display a file manager, company forms, corporate memos and a variety of other functions. This solution reduces several corporate costs and vastly improves communication.

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"You have your website and it ………doesn't do much?"
At Chhabra & Co. our prerogative is to make the web meaningful for you, by making your website and web applications deliver just what you want. From static pages to content managed websites; from business applets to ecommerce enabled sites, from event promotion websites to media rich flash sites, email marketing, online promotions, we make the web work for you.
Go ahead. Contact us to create your web solution that does what you want.

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