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Online SLE is an amazingly simple and effective solution for improving plant floor productivity.It’s an off-the-shelf product that delivers real-time manufacturing visibility and performance management tools to your entire manufacturing team.

1. A complete solution in one hardware appliance.

2. Automatic down time detection including small stops

3. No extra Hardware/Field Instrumentation required

4. Can be customized to any level.

Online SLE is designed to be your fastest, easiest, and best path to real-time performance management and productivity improvement.
Online SLE manufacturing techniques are used to increase profitability by reducing costs.By understanding how customers define value, costs that do not add value are reduced or eliminated.

Traditional View : Cost + Profit = Sales Price

SLE View          : Profit = Sales Price – Cost
Features of Online SLE

1. A Complete Solution :: SLE is complete and comprehensive.It includes a production reporting system, performance management tools, visual analytics, an embedded plant floor historian, and live data.

2. Accurate Downtime Data :: Online SLE customers are often shocked when they discover their true downtime.Most companies dramatically underestimate how much productivity is lost to downtime and small stops.Since Online SLE automatically detects down events and small stops it provides an extremely accurate picture of what is happening in the plant floor.

3. Real-Time Results :: Online SLE provides a real-time window to your manufacturing process.On the plant floor the SLE screen shows at a glance if your process is on target (green), slightly deviating (yellow), or requires immediate attention (red).But that is just the beginning.It also delivers real-time trending anywhere and everywhere through a simple web browser.Bottom-line – losses are exposed in real-time for immediate corrective action.

4. Export Directly to Excel :: Online SLE generates ready-to-use Excel spreadsheets with up-to-date, detailed production data.These reports are perfect for daily production meetings – where accurate and timely information is essential. Both Run-based and shift-based reports are immediately available from Online SLE for review and analysis. And it’s fast. Reports can be loaded directly to your desktop in seconds.
Major KPI Parameters

OEE=Availability Rate * Performance Rate * Quality Rate


Availibility Rate=Running Time / Total Available Time (Always 24*7)

Performance Rate=Actual Output / Rated Output

Quality Rate=# of Good Units / Actual Output


(Actual Good Units produced / Filler Rated Speed) / Total Available Time (Always 24*7)     ....More